John Stevens Letters by hand.

John Stevens is a lettering master with a world-wide reputation for excellence.



Hand-lettering: a custom, thought-out approach. Drawn by hand and digitized.

Calligraphy Works

Calligraphy works on paper written with Pen & Brush.

John Stevens lecture at Type@Cooper, NYC, November 2015

Graphic Design

Calligraphy & Lettering used in graphic design.


Formal Documents & Resolutions, calligraphy & illumination by hand, made to honor or remember.

If you think about it, we rely visually on images; (photos, videos, illustration) and words. Words… made of letters. A profound subject that is as taken for granted as the air we breathe. All letters started out as "hand made". Typefaces (fonts) derive their shape from hand-drawn letters. I have made a whole career out of making letters by hand: including design, craft skills, creative exploration and artistic expression. The best part? There is always more to see, more to learn. That is why I like what I do.

John Stevens Lettering & Calligraphy

John Stevens is a creative and highly regarded Lettering Artist & Calligrapher. | More about John
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Handwriting Styles

Writing as visual element; Humanizing and accessible.

John Stevens lecture at Type@Cooper, NYC, November 2015

Books & Titles

Book Jackets, Title treatments & lettering for editorial purposes.

Logos | Brands

Identity, custom- made to be proprietary and appealing.


Taking letters to a visual expression beyond the literal meaning of words.

Brush Styles

Samples of Brush Styles. The brush equals expression.

Script Styles

The running script, so many moods, attitudes; personal or flourished or carefree.


Letters / alphabets drawn and shaped as full alphabet for setting on computer.


John has been on the teaching scene for 30 years have taught internationally: (cities throughout the US,+Puerto Rico, Germany, Belgium, Japan). He has spent most of his time teaching at Cheerio Retreats

John Stevens lecture at Type@Cooper, NYC, November 2015

Type@Cooper Lecture

This lecture took place on November 16, 2015 at The Cooper Union as part of Type@Cooper's Herb Lubalin Lecture Series and was recorded and archived thanks to generous sponsorship by Hoefler & Co.

Scribe: Artist of the Written Word

(2013. 264pp. 8.75″x11.25″. Hardcover, John Neal Books publisher) To purchase Scribe please visit: John Neal Books.

Brush Demo

A video demonstration of John Stevens writing his Fraktur style of brush-writing.