Renaissance Scroll Project

Hand Made Scroll

A resolution in a scroll format to honor a retiring executive of a financial institution. I designed and wrote the scroll on special paper using craft techniques (23k gold, flat gold, illumination), as was done hundreds of years ago. For the enclosure, Martin O’Brien was commissioned; He designed and made the box as well as carved the Chinese character for “Wisdom” (which was also calligraphed by John). Always a pleasure to collaborate with such accomplished craftsmen.

Shakespeare Stamps for Royal Mail

Stamp design

The Royal Mail commissions artists and designers to create stamp designs. I was honored to be asked several times (working with two different design firms: Supple Studio for the Shakespeare work and Hat Trick for the WW1 stamp which was released in June 2016). The design is ultimately miniature and must be a beautiful accent piece on our mail.

Certificate for Wedding

Documents and Certificates mostly follow a traditional layout, however, not are all equal. Skill must be high: it is in the details (quality of the writing/lettering, 23k gold and decoration) where you will find the beauty. (see Documents) Design must always align with what the words and occasion honor and celebrate.