John's Schedule of upcoming classes
photos from workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Workshops with John Stevens 2017-2018




 2018: Here is what is scheduled for next year (so far).
Cheerio | September 23 – 28




São Paulo, Brazil | February 25-March 1, 2017 | Picts from Workshop>





Dallas Year Long Class | May 13 & 14,  October, 20-22, December 2 & 3, 2017, Feb 16, 17 2018


Texas Lettering Arts Council | Multiple classes with the same participants. This format allows us to reach for more, investigate more deeply, beneath the surface, into the lessons that lettering, calligraphy and design offers with time between for reflection and more




Chicago 2017 | August 5-6 and November 11-12, 2017 | 2 weekends


Roman Capital Workshop. comprehensive Brush Calligraphy workshop in Chicago this summer (August 2017) with focus on “the father of the western alphabet”: Roman Capitals, done with brush, but with additional excursions into the pen as well.
What is unique to this workshop is the structure: 2 day teaching | 5 day practice |+2 additional days of teaching. This allows participants an opportunity to absorb new skills and insights that they have learned in the first two days, then, make them their own, and then come back for additional instruction/critique/feedback or refinement. This is ideal..| To Sign up or additional information.




Cheerio 2017 | September 24-29 , 2017 | In the mountains of North Carolina


“Stability, then movement” Class Description Here



Cheerio Workshop, NC | September 2017

My first 32 page book of calligraphy from the 1990’s. There were 3 total, each featuring a quote done in a unique style of pen or brush calligraphy. This book was “pre-digital” age, meaning that I did the paste-ups on mechanical boards including any type which was set by a typography house. Very analogue.

Important Calligraphy resources:

San Francisco Public Library Harrison Collection: A wonderful collection of calligraphy and book arts. A must visit/see.

Newberry Library in Chicago. Has a great collection of rare and original and historical works.

New York Society of Scribes Founded in 1974, and based in New York City, the Society is a non-profit educational organization which promotes the study, teaching and practice of calligraphy and related disciplines.

Chicago Calligraphy Collective We are an organization of individuals pursuing this beautiful art by study, collaboration and practice, practice, practice!

Texas Lettering Arts Council Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for the lettering arts while creating cultural awareness of the lettering arts community.

John Neal Books: Specialty supplier of Books and Materials for calligraphers and book artists. Also publishes some books.

Manuscript page: Precious manuscript, stolen from Turin archdiocese, recovered in Florida

Vatican Library: Sources of beautiful, historical manuscripts

British Library: 30,000 images that you can look at up close.

Morgan Library: Very fine collection of books and manuscripts. Many exhibitions

NYPL New York Public Library: Photos of archives/illuminated manuscripts

Calligraphy Centre | Joyce & Jim Teta; Calligraphy and Cheerio Retreats (where I teach)

J-LAF | Japan Letter Arts Forum Organization for western calligraphy in Japan. Exhibitions, articles and workshops. A Wide array of exhibitions & learning opportunities.

Guide to picking brush pens for calligraphy.