A Year Long Class

John Stevens |Dallas Texas 2017

A chance for in-depth study with a leader in the lettering arts.

A year-long class with John Stevens in Dallas, Texas | May, October, December 2017 and February 2018

Class content will be divided between in class work and assignments to be completed at home and critiqued in the following session. First of four workshops beginning May12,13,14, 2017 1. Blackletter: Modern Gothic Need Not Be an Oxymoron Learning to write Black-letter (Textura, Gothic, Fraktur, Old English) properly is a pathway into many aspects of calligraphy. At first, the pretty forms and strong pen/brush-strokes are a key attraction. However, after a while, rhythm and form begin to interact and you can explore movement and how to put letters together. Subtle variations on the strong vertical rhythm, can help us grow as calligraphers, while writing black-letter being hypnotic and puts us into a meditative state. Working with both pen and brush, we gain a different perspective on both with it’s nuances and movements and advantages and precise pen work. With the blackletter structure, we can actually learn (in this workshop,) ways to be more expressive with a brush. Topics covered include letterform construction, rhythm, pen and brush techniques (with and without manipulation), writing as text hand as well as embellishing the decorative aspects. We will explore both history and a contemporary approach in the form of a project. Much of the second day will deal with capitals as it is a lesson in modification and the beautiful distribution of black and white. Supply list: tbd   Class is offered through the Texas Lettering Arts Council | Contact Angela Vangalis  

First Up

Modern Gothic is not an oxymoron.


Large Roman capital rendered with brush
Calligraphic Brush strokes for class by John Stevens
Calligraphic Brush strokes for class by John Stevens